Save time and money Automation of Google and Facebook Ads with A.I.

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Join over 12,000 companies that already automate their campaigns with!

Join over 12,000 companies that already automate their campaigns with!

Automate your marketing and grow with

Save 1 day a week

Automate optimization tasks. Gain time for strategy and creativity.

Increase your results. Cut costs.

Increase the efficiency of campaigns by investing where it really pays off.

Track all indicators

Integrate Facebook, Google, Analytics, CRM and E-commerce in a single Dashboard.

Special solutions for agencies

Scale your agency. Deliver more value to your customers with Pareto's AI.


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Omnichannel Budget Manager

With just a few clicks, you can automate all budget management for all your customers. Just choose the budget of the month, select campaigns with the same objective and you're done! Tess, our AI assistent, will adjust the budget every day, prioritizing the best performing campaigns. She can even exchange budgets between Google and Facebook!


Omnichannel Dashboard

Tired of comparing your Facebook and Google investments with Analytics data? With just a few clicks, you have a 360º view of your KPIs in one place! Further enrich the information by integrating with Pipedrive and WooCommerce. You can even monitor performance, change status and budgets of your Google and Facebook campaigns in a single Dashboard or, if you prefer, group similar campaigns and track your cost, conversion and performance forecasts.


1-Click Optimizations

Stop wasting hours on Google and Facebook looking for optimization opportunities. Tess analyzes millions of data every day to recommend the best optimizations for you. Eliminate Display Fraud, Pause Underperforming Facebook Ads, Find and Add Keywords on Google, all with just 1 click!

How can Pareto help?

Software is Pareto’s software responsible for management of +200M USD /year in paid media. Its main features are:

1. Omnichannel Budget Manager
2. Google and Facebook 1-click optimizations with A.I.
3. Omnichannel dashboard
4. Implementation and support in English

Premium Support

Premium Support is your paid media right-hand man. Have a team of experts to:

1. Implement automations
2. Develop a paid media investment plan
3. Create, analyze, optimize and evolve campaigns

Agency Mode allows agencies to significantly increase their capacity to serve multiple clients. The partnership offers:

1. Automated Management of Multiple Clients
2. Discount or commission on software
3. Partnership Program and nominations

Custom Marketing Automations

Do you have particular challenges? Pareto develops special marketing automation solutions for several companies, such as:

1. Mass creation of thousands of ads through Product Feed (XML)
2. Tracking settings with advanced GTM
3. CRM integration with ad platforms for lead quality tracking
4. Dashboard in Data Studio integrating paid media, Analytics and E-commerces

If you have a specific challenge, please contact us!

Choose the Option that Best Matches Your Business


Minimum investment in ads: $2.000/month

For those that already have a dedicated paid media team and want to automate marketing with


AGENCY + Modo Agência

Minimum investment in ads: $2.000/month

For agencies that want to increase the team's productivity and generate more value for their clients with A.I.


GROWTH + Suporte Premium

Minimum investment in ads: $2.000/month

For those who already invest in ads and want to increase their paid media results with the Pareto Team and Automations.