Tess AI Gives You
Automation Superpowers

Zapier helps you put those powers to use. We make it easy to turn your ideas into workflows so you can impress your customers (and your boss) with the real AI.  

Transform Your Operations With Tess AI

AI gives you automation superpowers, and Zapier puts them to work.
The combination of Tess AI and Zapier helps you turn ideas into workflows using the world’s leading AIs in one place.



Create to-do's from Slack reactions

Create notions tasks using Tess AI conversations generated from new Slack reactions


Draft email replies to customers

Create email copy with Tess AI from new Gmail emails and save as draft in Gmail 


Generate blog posts from a form

Create WordPress Blog Posts from Google Forms Responses


Create personalized notes for new leads

When a new lead enters your Salesforce, generate personalized notes for them using Tess AI


Turn form responses into AI images

Generate unique images based on a form submission and automatically add it to a row in Google Sheets


Generate and summarize PDF files

Whenever a new file is added to a Onedrive folder, convert it to a PDF and get the document summary from Tess AI

About tess ai

The Leading Generative AI Platforms in One Place

Tess AI boosts your team’s productivity with thousands of AI use cases for Marketing, Sales, CS, Finance, HR, etc.
Nearly 1 Million individuals and businesses are already using, creating, and sharing their own AIs on Tess AI.


Customize Tess AI for Your Company

Train Tess AI with all your vectorized data on a dedicated and super secure server. Choose from LLM platforms: Gemini, Llama, or ChatGPT. Create AI models to boost productivity and address the needs of each team. Implement AI in your company with our engineering team in just a few weeks.


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