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Global TOP AI Products | 2024

Best AI Products 2024 | Leader Small-Business

Global Ranking for AI Products

G2's Best Software Awards 2024​

#6 Pareto Tess AI

#10 ChatGPT

#22 Google Gemini

#28 IBM Watson

#45 Github Copilot


Global AI Product Leader

G2 revealed the list of the 50 Best AI Software of 2024, highlighting Pareto in 6th position. In the same ranking, sector leaders were also listed, such as ChatGPT, Google Gemini, IBM Watson and Github Copilot. Pareto Tess AI has also ranked #1 in Global AI Image.

Best AI Products 2024
Pareto is a leader in Synthetic Media on G2
Pareto is a leader in AI Image Generators on G2
Pareto is a leader in Small-Business AI Image Generators on G2

Create an AI for your Company in Seconds

Boost  everyday work with the  world’s largest AIs connected in  one place

Boost  everyday work with the  world’s largest AIs connected in  one place

You don’t need to keep up with endless AI platforms or become a prompt engineer.
With Tess AI, you can create your own AIs to perform from easy to complex tasks or use templates from our community.

Text-to-Text AI

"Tess, I need to promote the launch of a product

Learn about my brand's tone of voice on this website

Find out more about the product in this YouTube video

Now, create an email to promote this launch"

Text-to-Image AI

"Tess, I want to create amazing images for my website

How about futuristic illustrations in pastel colors

Increase image quality by 2x

Now, make the background transparent"

Millions of Incredible Images Created by Tess AI

Tess AI does all this. And much more.

+200 AI templates ready for you to connect and create the perfect automation for your needs.


AI for your Daily Tasks

Audio Transcription

“Tess, transcribe this audio, translate it from Portuguese and summarize it in bullet points.”

Video Transcription

“Tess, transcribe this meeting, taking the minutes with the tasks and their respective responsible parties.”

PDF Reader

“Tess, review the contents of this report and summarize the problems and solutions.”

Web Scraper

“Tess, analyse this URL and create a blog article about the benefits of the product.”

ABC Report

“Tess, create an ABC curve of my products and create a chart for me.”

Data Analytics

“Tess, analyse the data in this spreadsheet and present the trend for the up
coming months”


App Integrations

Google Trends

“Tess, what are the search trends for Artificial Intelligence on Google”

Social Listening for Instagram

“Tess, analyse the comments on the latest posts on this Instagram account.”

Google Autocomplete

Tess, analyse what people are searching about “Black Friday”.

Amazon Products

“Tess, review and list the highest-rated running shoes on Amazon.”

Google Sheets

“Tess, review my company’s financial data in this spreadsheet.”

Google Full API

Analytics with Google Search, Sports, Weather, Jobs, Travel, Shopping and more!


Incredible Images


“Tess, create a futuristic image of an astronaut bear drinking a beer.”


“Tess, create a video based on this photo, making it dusk and raining.”

Upscale 2x, 4x e 8x

“Tess, increase the quality of this image by 4x.”

Studio background
“Tess, create a professional background for my product photos.”
Glow Up

“Tess, give my professional photo a glow up.”

Brand Style

“Tess, create a picture of an office using my brand style and colors.”


Create, Share, Sell And Earn Money With Your Own AIs

Create, publish and share your own AIs with over half a million people, without any code and in just minutes. There are endless possibilities connecting platforms like ChatGPT, Leonardo AI and dozens of Pareto AIs. Monetize your creations and earn money at Tess AI as a prompt engineer.



Customize Tess AI For Your Company

Train Tess AI with all your vectorized data on a dedicated, super secure server. Choose between LLM platforms: Bard, Llama or ChatGPT. Create AI models to increase productivity and solve each team’s needs. Implement AI in your company with our prompt engineering team in weeks.



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