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More than 15,000 companies have already automated their Marketing and Sales routines with Pareto's AI

How software robots can help

Robotic Process Automation for Marketing. Take a quick look at how it works.

1. Turning Tess’s Brain On

Connect Pareto Platform to your campaigns, CRM, and e-commerce. The more, the merrier. Each new app you connect is an opportunity to train Tess to understand your ideal customer profile better.

2. Poping Recommendations

In a few hours after the integration (and account linking), you’ll be able to see all the advertising recommendations from Tess. Check the video below for a sneak peek.

3. Swipe and Apply

On your marketing board, just click on the tasks recommended by Tess and apply them with a simple swipe of the button. Each approved task is going to save you quite some time and improve your performance.

Omnichannel Budget Manager
for Online Advertising

Get a week back each month automating your budget management

Cluster your data to a brand-new management experience

How much have your company invested in bottom-of-funnel campaigns? What's the conversion rate? It's hard to keep track, right? Not anymore.

Omnichannel metrics will be a complete revolution to your campaigns.

Do you know your cost per new deal won? Deal won value (CRM data) per ad cost (all media)? Or, if you are an e-commerce, do you know your real revenue over your total ad spends? Track your omnichannel metrics with a single click.

Uncover Powerful Correlations

Add notes to your historical data, uncovering any hidden performance correlations

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