Pareto Plus: AI Premium Digital
Marketing Services for Businesses

Pareto Plus is the largest ecosystem of technology and generative AI firms for Digital Marketing in Latin America. The services are powered by Pareto’s Artificial Intelligence (AI), Tess AI, with nearly 1 million users and awarded as the 6th best AI software in the world for 2024, according to the G2 ranking.


Marketing or Technology?
Pareto Plus Brings Both Worlds Together.

With Pareto Plus, you don’t need to decide whether to hire a digital marketing agency or a software house.
Gain access to a team of specialists and an award-winning Generative AI globally.


Digital Marketing Centralization

AI Premium Services

Boost your brand growth and sales with Pareto’s technology firms. Have a part-time team executing the main digital marketing services enhanced with AI.


More Productivity with Generative AI

Tess AI

With Tess AI, your team gains productivity by accessing the world’s leading generative AIs in one place. Train it with information from your company and create exclusive use cases for each department.

Training in Prompt Engineering and AI

AI Hub

Pareto clients can empower their teams with 1 year of free access to AI Hub, a platform offering advanced training in prompt engineering and artificial intelligence.


G2 Best Software Awards

Global Leader in AI Product

Pareto ranked 6th among the 50 Best AI Software of 2024, ahead of ChatGPT, Google Gemini, IBM Watson, and GitHub Copilot. Pareto's Tess AI also ranked 1st globally in the AI Image category.

Best AI Products 2024
Pareto is a leader in Synthetic Media on G2
Pareto is a leader in AI Image Generators on G2

Google Premier Partner Awards

Most Awarded in Marketing

Pareto was the most awarded company in the world at the 2022 Google Awards in NY, recognized for innovation, technology, and service. This was the 5th consecutive Google event where Pareto was a finalist or winner.

AI Premium Services

Full-Service Digital Marketing with Generative AI

Pareto Plus firms offer services performed by a team of specialists in Marketing, Design, Technology, and Business, boosting the results of medium and large companies in the 7 main areas of Digital Marketing.


AI Ads: AI Premium Service for Ad Management

The Best AI-Powered Paid Media Management in Brazil

Boost your results, from Branding to Performance, with the most awarded specialists and AI in the world at the 2022 Google Awards and over 1 billion reais in ad management. Have a team of specialists working on: 1) Media strategy on major ad platforms; 2) Campaign structuring; 3) Data-driven optimization with AI; 4) Comprehensive KPI monitoring.

AI SEO: AI Premium Service for SEO Management

360º SEO: More Agility, Technology, and Performance

Create a strong and relevant digital presence, boosting branding, traffic, and revenue. Rely on a multidisciplinary team to quickly implement the best SEO practices using Tess AI, the best plugins on the market, and the top SEO platform, AHREFS.

AI Social: AI Premium Service for Social Media Management

Reach, Engagement, and Followers with Real Results on Social Media

Enhance your social media presence with a team of specialists and the world's most awarded AI. From profile optimization to creating engaging content for your audience, with Pareto you achieve real results that strengthen your brand and translate into sales.

AI Email: AI Premium Service for Email Marketing Management

Maximize Engagement and Revenue from Your Leads and Customer Base

Make the most of email strategies, growing your lead base, engaging people with your brand, and driving sales. Have a dedicated team to plan and implement comprehensive strategies, powered by generative AI and the innovative AMP email marketing platform: Mailmodo by Pareto.

AI Design: AI Premium Service for Design and Creations

Content Design that Boosts Brands and Performance

Pareto's AI Design combines artificial intelligence with marketing expertise to boost your brand, strengthen engagement, and increase sales. This service merges the human creativity of Pareto's designers with the power of AI, delivering unique images and videos for websites, emails, social media, and campaigns.

AI Web: AI Premium Service for Website Development

The Most Advanced Technology for Websites that Delight and Convert

With AI Web, your company will have an amazing website, optimized for SEO, high performance, mobile responsive, fast loading, and super secure. Everything to improve user experience and conversion. Our Web Design specialists handle strategy, creation, maintenance, and evolution.

AI Analytics: AI Premium Service for Data and Dashboards

Make Your Marketing More Strategic and Data-Driven with AI Analytics

Increase the efficiency of your marketing, understand your audience's behavior, and make more profitable decisions with Pareto's AI Analytics. Our specialized team implements tags, tracks conversions, analyzes your data, and creates custom dashboards.

tess ai

The Leading Generative AI Platforms in One Place

Tess AI boosts your team’s productivity with thousands of AI use cases for Marketing, Sales, CS, Finance, HR, etc.
Nearly 1 Million individuals and businesses are already using, creating, and sharing their own AIs on Tess AI.



Customize Tess AI for Your Company

Train Tess AI with all your vectorized data on a dedicated and super secure server. Choose from LLM platforms: Gemini, Llama, or ChatGPT. Create AI models to boost productivity and address the needs of each team. Implement AI in your company with our engineering team in just a few weeks.



Prompt Engineering Training for Your Team

Make your company even more competitive by training your team in Generative AI, Business, Hard Skills, and Soft Skills.
Pareto AI Hub offers over 60 hours of amazing content created by Pareto’s executives and leaders.


60+ Hours of Video and Podcast Content


Nearly 1,000,000  Users in 140 countries

Have already boosted their productivity with Tess AI, Pareto's AI.

Questions & Answers

Pareto serves all business segments in over 100 countries and offers solutions for small, medium, and large companies:

  • Individuals and Small Businesses (1-10 employees): The most recommended solution is AI Hub and Tess AI, with plans starting at 15 reais/month.
  • Medium Businesses (11-250 employees): We recommend the Business plan of Tess AI or the complete Pareto Plus solution, including AI Premium Services, Tess AI, and AI Hub.
  • Large Businesses (over 250 employees): We also recommend the complete Pareto Plus solution, but add the possibility of accessing the features of the Enterprise plan of Tess AI, such as custom LLM model training, API access, AI Automation, Whitelabel, SSO, etc.

The main difference is that Pareto Plus is an ecosystem of technology firms created by Pareto.

Pareto Plus offers AI Premium Services for digital marketing. They are called this because they are powered by Tess AI and executed by a team of specialists in technology, marketing, design, and business.

This makes Pareto Plus services more efficient, as they combine 1) the creative and strategic part of an agency, 2) the powerful technology of generative AI, and 3) the quality guaranteed by Pareto.

Tess AI is Pareto’s Artificial Intelligence that orchestrates the world’s leading AIs. With Tess, individuals and businesses use the most advanced AI in their daily lives, all in one place and in seconds.


Pareto is a leading data automation platform in Brazil. With Tess, Pareto created the TimeBack market, recovering hours of manual work in the daily lives of nearly 1 million users in 107 countries.


Discover the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Join nearly 1 million individuals and companies who have already boosted their productivity with Pareto Artificial Intelligence.