Create Up to 50 Images for Free on Leonardo AI

Tess AI is a platform that centralizes the world’s leading AIs, such as Leonardo AI, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, in one place. Create amazing images in seconds!


Create Multiple Images  Using Different Platforms in Tess AI

With Pareto’s AI image generator, you bring your ideas to life in various styles. From realism and 3D illustrations to Pixar-style drawings, fantasy watercolor illustrations, logo creation, and much more.


Create detailed images with artificial intelligence through the description of your idea in text. Just enter your prompt, choose your favorite AI, and that's it! Tess AI will create your image in a matter of seconds.




AI Image Generator from Photos

Add even more details to your images from another image. Just upload the chosen photo as inspiration, and Tess AI will create your project in a few clicks.



How Does Pareto's AI Image Generator Work?

  • Select the AI model you want to use: Leonardo AI, MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, Dall-E 2, and Tess AI's proprietary models.

  • Enter the text prompt describing the image you want to create, following the platform's intuitive step-by-step process.

  • Next, choose the lighting, the number of images to be generated by AI, the size of the artwork, and, if necessary, upload an inspiration image for Tess AI to recreate for you.

  • Finally, generate and download the images created with Tess AI, use them in your projects, and share them on our social media.

Millions Of Incredible Images Created By Tess AI​

Need Help?

Leonardo AI – and over 200 other AI platforms – can be accessed and used in seconds on Tess AI.

When you create your account on Tess AI, you get 150 free credits to create your images. Models like Leonardo AI consume at least 3 credits per image. So, with Tess AI, you can create up to 50 images for free on Leonardo AI.


The best AI image generator is the one that combines ease of use, high-quality images, and a free trial offer. With Tess AI, you get all that and much more. No specific skills required. Just turn your vision into words in the generation box and create spectacular AI images for any occasion.

If you are a marketer, designer, prototyper, content creator, or artist, the AI image generator from text will be your faithful ally. It speeds up the realization of your ideas, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects without worrying about how to bring the idea to life.


Unlock infinite possibilities with our AI Image Generator in your everyday life.

  • Have Fun on Social Media: Use the Text-to-Image AI Generator to input any word and get a unique image in seconds. Animate your social media with ease.
  • Instantly Transform Ideas: Leave complex design behind. Instantly turn your ideas and proposals into reality, saving time and effort.
  • Perfect Backgrounds in an Instant: Create perfect backgrounds for your products without the need for photography. Save time and money.
  • Quick Social Media and Graphic Design: Say goodbye to endless searching in image banks. Use our AI Image Generator to create images for social media posts, graphic marketing, and much more in a matter of seconds.

Enjoy a limitless creative journey with AI-generated images. Produce artworks, create fictional scenarios, obtain game assets and interior designs, or transform your photos into artistic styles. Save valuable time that would otherwise be spent focusing on your imagination and easily create engaging posts.


Pareto’s AI image generator uses generative models powered by machine learning algorithms, which learn from specific image datasets to create AI-generated images. This AI trend turns your imagination into reality, allowing you to create images from text for free.


Absolutely! Our text-to-image generator is compatible with PCs and mobile devices. Tess AI, Pareto’s AI image generator, is accessible on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, working directly in the browser. Just type the description of your ideas and start creating online. Capture your thoughts anytime, anywhere, for free.


Without a doubt, Tess AI is the simplest AI image generator. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, plus a one-click image generation button, Tess AI makes AI image creation accessible to everyone.


Pareto quickly embraced the artificial intelligence trend and became the pioneer in Brazil to develop an AI image generator. To ensure our community creates beautiful images with ease and safety, we dedicated considerable effort to developing this product.

We conducted extensive testing with a wide variety of input prompts to identify potential terms that could generate inappropriate content, establishing strict rules to avoid unsafe situations. If you encounter any inappropriate content, please do not hesitate to report it to our customer service. Our legal department is extremely vigilant regarding AI-generated images. We do not tolerate the use of our AI image generator in ways that violate our Terms of Service.


This is a question that remains open for the entire world. At this time, Pareto makes no copyright claims over user-generated content and does not have the ability to license or grant usage rights for such content. It is important to note that this situation may change as copyright laws evolve in different jurisdictions.



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