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Your Agency in the Age of Generative AI

What is Pareto Plus?

Pareto Plus is the largest ecosystem of Technology and Generative AI Firms for Digital Marketing in Latin America. The services are powered by Tess AI, Pareto’s AI, with nearly 1 million users and awarded as the 6th best AI software in the world, according to the G2 ranking of 2024.

Generative AI in Digital Marketing

The Pareto Plus ecosystem enables you to build a business powered by cutting-edge technology, ushering in the age of Artificial Intelligence and replacing the traditional digital marketing service model with a scalable one, offering competitive advantages that enhance retention and standardize services.

Your Marketing Services Driven by Tess AI

With Pareto Plus, you can stay ahead of market disruption and leverage the most advanced generative AI, powered by Tess AI, Pareto’s proprietary technology.

Tess has been recognized by G2 as a global leader in image generation and ranked as the #6 best AI globally.


What Are the Advantages of Having a Pareto Plus?

Difference of Entrepreneurship with Pareto:
Pareto Plus

Tess AI integrated with marketing services


Using the Pareto brand facilitates client acquisition and retention


Boost negotiations and sales with Pareto support


Centralize bureaucratic tasks to focus on creative and strategic aspects


Executive, human, technical training in marketing and AI

What Does Pareto Offer to Pareto Plus Firms?

Immersion in Generative AI

Intensive training in Tess AI, one of the world's top 6 AI platforms, as well as the entire Pareto technology stack (media automations, dashboard tools, reports, etc.)

AI Premium Services

Training on Pareto Plus services: AI Ads, AI SEO, AI Social, AI Email, AI Design, AI Web, and AI Analytics.

Media Partners

Activation workshops with over 10 media partners of Pareto Plus, aimed at diversifying client strategies and generating additional revenue, along with events featuring partner companies like Google and Meta.

School of Leaders

The premier training course for entrepreneurs in the era of generative AI. Over 40 hours of training with Pareto executives on Business, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Product, etc.

Technology Stack

Subsidized licenses for top-tier management and communication tools: HubSpot (sales management), Google Workspace (email and calendar), as well as hosting the firm LP on Pareto Page.

Pareto AI Hub

Access to the leading AI training hub in Latin America, with over 12k students, offering courses on AI, prompt engineering, as well as executive, technical, and human development tracks.

AI Premium Services

What Services Does a Pareto Plus Offer?

Pareto Plus firms offer services executed by a team of specialists in Marketing, Design, Technology, and Business, enhancing the results of medium and large companies in the 7 key areas of Digital Marketing.

AI Ads: AI Premium Service for Ad Management

The Best AI-Powered Paid Media Management in Brazil

Boost your results, from Branding to Performance, with the most awarded specialists and AI in the world at the 2022 Google Awards and over 1 billion reais in ad management. Have a team of specialists working on: 1) Media strategy on major ad platforms; 2) Campaign structuring; 3) Data-driven optimization with AI; 4) Comprehensive KPI monitoring.

AI SEO: AI Premium Service for SEO Management

360º SEO: More Agility, Technology, and Performance

Create a strong and relevant digital presence, boosting branding, traffic, and revenue. Rely on a multidisciplinary team to quickly implement the best SEO practices using Tess AI, the best plugins on the market, and the top SEO platform, AHREFS.

AI Social: AI Premium Service for Social Media Management

Reach, Engagement, and Followers with Real Results on Social Media

Enhance your social media presence with a team of specialists and the world's most awarded AI. From profile optimization to creating engaging content for your audience, with Pareto you achieve real results that strengthen your brand and translate into sales.

AI Email: AI Premium Service for Email Marketing Management

Maximize Engagement and Revenue from Your Leads and Customer Base

Make the most of email strategies, growing your lead base, engaging people with your brand, and driving sales. Have a dedicated team to plan and implement comprehensive strategies, powered by generative AI and the innovative AMP email marketing platform: Mailmodo by Pareto.

AI Design: AI Premium Service for Design and Creations

Content Design that Boosts Brands and Performance

Pareto's AI Design combines artificial intelligence with marketing expertise to boost your brand, strengthen engagement, and increase sales. This service merges the human creativity of Pareto's designers with the power of AI, delivering unique images and videos for websites, emails, social media, and campaigns.

AI Web: AI Premium Service for Website Development

The Most Advanced Technology for Websites that Delight and Convert

With AI Web, your company will have an amazing website, optimized for SEO, high performance, mobile responsive, fast loading, and super secure. Everything to improve user experience and conversion. Our Web Design specialists handle strategy, creation, maintenance, and evolution.

AI Analytics: AI Premium Service for Data and Dashboards

Make Your Marketing More Strategic and Data-Driven with AI Analytics

Increase the efficiency of your marketing, understand your audience's behavior, and make more profitable decisions with Pareto's AI Analytics. Our specialized team implements tags, tracks conversions, analyzes your data, and creates custom dashboards.


High-Level Training Programs for You and Your Team

60+ Hours of Video and Podcast Content


How can I transform my agency into a Technology Firm?

Full Model

Pareto Plus Firm

Your agency starts operating under the Pareto brand, presenting itself as a Pareto Plus Firm, becoming part of the ecosystem of Technology Firms that leverage Pareto’s brand and technology to develop their services.

Intermediate Model

Acquired by Pareto

The agency starts operating with brand association. The agency can retain its own brand and include the designation Acquired by Pareto, to demonstrate that it is part of a robust group of Pareto Plus Technology Firms.

Focus on Technology

AI Tech Partner

The agency retains its own brand and receives the Pareto AI Tech Partner seal, certifying that it utilizes all of Pareto’s technological tools in its operations.

What is the Process to Become a Pareto Plus Firm?

  • Registration and Selection

    The process begins with your agency's registration and scheduling of a kick-off meeting to present the company and detail the Pareto Plus model. Following this, there will be a due diligence process and evaluation by the Pareto Plus Council.

  • Initial Investment

    The investment to become licensed starts at R$ 20,000. Depending on the chosen model and the size of the agency, this amount can be paid in installments.

  • Onboarding

    After licensing, the Firm will undergo its onboarding into the Pareto Plus structure, lasting from 30 to 60 days, including training and AI implementation in the services provided.

  • Commercial Model

    At the end of the onboarding, the Firm will start remunerating Pareto with royalties and a marketing fund based on its gross monthly revenue.


Nearly 1,000,000  Users in 140 countries

Have already boosted their productivity with Tess AI, Pareto's AI.

Discover the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Join nearly 1 million individuals and companies who have already boosted their productivity with Pareto’s Artificial Intelligence.

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