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What is Pareto Plus?

Pareto Plus is Latin America’s largest ecosystem of technology and digital marketing firms. Our firms deliver services powered by Tess AI, Pareto’s proprietary AI with nearly 1 million users, ranked among the world’s top 6 AI software solutions in G2’s 2024 report. Beyond cutting-edge technology, Pareto provides comprehensive infrastructure to support firm operations and growth.

The 1st Entrepreneur Training Program in the Era of Generative AI

We’re shaping the next generation of entrepreneurs, trained to leverage generative AI in every aspect of their service delivery. Become the owner of your own technology firm and build a scalable business, backed by a powerful brand and competitive advantages that enhance client retention.

Enhanced Quality and Productivity with Tess AI

With Pareto Plus, you can stay ahead of market disruptions and leverage the most advanced generative AI, powered by Tess AI, Pareto’s proprietary technology.

Tess has been recognized by G2 as a global leader in image generation and ranked as the #6 best AI globally.

The Ideal Pareto Plus Firm Owner Profile

Who Dreams Big

Driven to Build a Business

The Pareto Plus Firm Formation Program is designed for individuals who dream of owning their own business and seek a scalable, profitable model with full support from a leading technology company.

Who is Ahead of Their Time

Passionate about Generative AI

A Pareto Plus firm is for those who recognize the transformative potential of Generative AI and are eager to dive into this New Era to lead the market.


What are the advantages of becoming an entrepreneur with Pareto Plus?

Pareto Plus Advantages:
Pareto Plus

Tess AI driving your services


Becoming an entrepreneur with a leading Generative AI and Marketing brand, drives higher profitability and scalability


Increase negotiations and sales with Pareto's sales support


Centralize bureaucratic tasks and focus on your office's growth


Over 60 hours of training in AI and Business

What Does Pareto Offer to Pareto Plus Firms?

Immersion in Generative AI

We prepare you to become an entrepreneur using Generative AI, leveraging Tess AI, one of the top 6 AI platforms worldwide, as well as the entire Pareto technology stack.

AI Premium Services

Services that can be offered by the Pareto Plus Firms: AI Ads, AI SEO, AI Social, AI Email, AI Design, AI Web, AI Analytics, and AI Implementation.

Pareto Media Hub

The Pareto Plus ecosystem has over 10 media partners, aiming to diversify customer strategies and generate incremental revenue. Our firms can build a strategy with different channels for their clients.

AI Business School

Unlimited access to the first digital business school for AI training. Over 60 hours of training with Pareto executives on Generative AI, business, finance, marketing, sales, products, people management, etc.

Technology Stack

In addition to all of Pareto's technology, firms receive subsidized licenses for various cutting-edge digital tools, such as Hubspot (CRM), Google Workspace, Tess for Calls, among others.

Pareto AI Hub

Unlimited access to the leading AI training hub in Latin America, with over 12,000 students.

AI Premium Services

What services do Pareto Plus firms offer?

Pareto Plus firms offer Marketing services using Generative AI, increasing productivity, scale, and quality in service delivery. Additionally, through AI, firms achieve higher client retention rates and revenue growth.

AI Ads: AI Premium Service for Ad Management

The Best AI-Powered Paid Media Management in Brazil

Boost your results, from Branding to Performance, with the most awarded specialists and AI in the world at the 2022 Google Awards and over 1 billion reais in ad management. Have a team of specialists working on: 1) Media strategy on major ad platforms; 2) Campaign structuring; 3) Data-driven optimization with AI; 4) Comprehensive KPI monitoring.

AI SEO: AI Premium Service for SEO Management

360º SEO: More Agility, Technology, and Performance

Create a strong and relevant digital presence, boosting branding, traffic, and revenue. Rely on a multidisciplinary team to quickly implement the best SEO practices using Tess AI, the best plugins on the market, and the top SEO platform, AHREFS.

AI Social: AI Premium Service for Social Media Management

Reach, Engagement, and Followers with Real Results on Social Media

Enhance your social media presence with a team of specialists and the world's most awarded AI. From profile optimization to creating engaging content for your audience, with Pareto you achieve real results that strengthen your brand and translate into sales.

AI Email: AI Premium Service for Email Marketing Management

Maximize Engagement and Revenue from Your Leads and Customer Base

Make the most of email strategies, growing your lead base, engaging people with your brand, and driving sales. Have a dedicated team to plan and implement comprehensive strategies, powered by generative AI and the innovative AMP email marketing platform: Mailmodo by Pareto.

AI Design: AI Premium Service for Design and Creations

Content Design that Boosts Brands and Performance

Pareto's AI Design combines artificial intelligence with marketing expertise to boost your brand, strengthen engagement, and increase sales. This service merges the human creativity of Pareto's designers with the power of AI, delivering unique images and videos for websites, emails, social media, and campaigns.

AI Web: AI Premium Service for Website Development

The Most Advanced Technology for Websites that Delight and Convert

With AI Web, your company will have an amazing website, optimized for SEO, high performance, mobile responsive, fast loading, and super secure. Everything to improve user experience and conversion. Our Web Design specialists handle strategy, creation, maintenance, and evolution.

AI Analytics: AI Premium Service for Data and Dashboards

Make Your Marketing More Strategic and Data-Driven with AI Analytics

Increase the efficiency of your marketing, understand your audience's behavior, and make more profitable decisions with Pareto's AI Analytics. Our specialized team implements tags, tracks conversions, analyzes your data, and creates custom dashboards.

How is the Process to Open Your Own Pareto Plus Firm?

  • Registration and Selection

    After your registration, you will enter our recruitment process, which lasts approximately 20 days. During this period, you will undergo a profile assessment, a technical evaluation, and if you pass these stages, you will have an online interview with our team, followed by a final case presentation.

  • Initial Investment

    There is no initial investment required to participate in the Pareto Plus Firm Training Program. If selected, during the Program, the candidate may request an optional monthly incentive scholarship. At the end of the program, if certified, the candidate will be responsible for paying a licensing fee, which is significantly discounted compared to the usual Pareto Plus rates. All amounts are reimbursed through the ISA (Income Share Agreement) model, meaning the reimbursement is due after the Firm begins operations. There will be a grace period and installment options available for this payment.

  • Training Program

    Once approved, the candidate undergoes a Training Program lasting approximately 90 days. During this period, the candidate will receive training on AI, participate in our School of Leaders, and begin serving clients under supervision. If the expected performance is achieved, the candidate will be invited to open a Pareto Plus Firm, starting operations with an initial client portfolio built throughout the Program.

  • Commercial Model

    At the end of the training period, the firm will start remunerating Pareto with royalties and a marketing fund based on its gross monthly revenue.


Nearly 1,000,000  Users in 107 countries

Have already boosted their productivity with Tess AI, Pareto's AI.

Discover the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Join nearly 1 million individuals and companies who have already boosted their productivity with Pareto’s Artificial Intelligence.

Registrations from May 13 to July 3. Q3/2024 Class starts on July 18. Limited Spots Available.