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Create Ads that are 100% resistant to Ad Blockers in Lives of +5,000 Brazilian streamers on the main platforms:

Advertise in Unique Formats on Uplify by Pareto

Discover the best ways to get your ads in front of millions of users in media or interactive formats with:




Brazilian Streamers




Picture-in-Picture Video

Your video ads will link to the content displayed on the stream through a discreet display box, without interrupting the streamer and distracting your viewers.


Full Screen Video

Your video ads will link to the content displayed in the full-screen stream, interrupting the streamer’s content to hold viewers’ attention in the campaign.


Custom Experience

Your video ads will link to the content displayed on the stream via a custom banner format, utilize streamer chat and other functions to create a unique experience for your audience.


Interactive Quiz

Ask questions right or wrong and offer an offer or promo code in the survey result. Perfect for entertainment and movies, integrating your brand with a series of questions that challenge users.



Create a voting competition with the channel’s viewers, offering an offer or promo code according to the result. Perfect for brands to define new flavors, favorite products, or even a new design.


Wheel of Fortune

Spin the wheel and get a win-win bonus. Perfect for e-commerces and retailers to engage through “Try your luck”, where each user receives a gift from the brand.

Success Stories
Uplify By Pareto

Record Results

“Uplify had the highest number of engagement sessions, events per session, and engagement rates of any site we advertised on.”

Yulia Raskatova
Media Manager at OMD (global media agency)


pessoas e empresas em 107 Países já impulsionaram sua produtividade com a Tess AI, a IA da Pareto.

Get 100% Viewability with Non-Blockable Ads

Our technology is resistant to ad blockers, with 100% visibility, automatically becoming part of the live content.

Advertise in a Flexible and Strategic Way

Define the streamer category, schedule your data-driven campaign and make flexible investments on Twitch, Trovo and Youtube, with fixed vCPM and reduced minimum investment.

Target Among +5,000 Brazilian Streamers

Create targeting for specific games, like CS:GO and LOL, or by categories, like music, entertainment and anime. Go further with demographic, geographic and interest targeting. Get brand confidence by only advertising with verified streamers and partners.

Monitor and Optimize with A/B Testing and Real-Time Analytics

Create A/B tests to better understand your audience and optimize your results. Monitor your campaigns in real time via Dashboard in a transparent environment regarding cost and performance.


How does Uplify by Pareto work?

Create your campaign in minutes.

1. Create your Campaign

Select your budget, creatives and goals.

2. Start your Campaign

Deliver your multichannel campaign directly to Live Stream.

3. Track your Results

Access real-time campaign analytics from the dashboard.


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