Maximize your Performance with Automations and AI

Pareto is the #1 Software in Brazil for Paid Media Automation and AI. Focus on Strategy and Creativity. Let our software optimize the campaigns for you.


Explore the Paid Media Automations of Tess Platform

With Pareto, you can automate your campaign budgets, perform actions with just one click, view your performance on customized dashboards, connect your CRM or inventory data with your paid media campaigns, and much more.


Omnichannel Budget Manager

Group campaigns by region, category, or funnel stage and select the budget. It will be optimized daily across campaigns and platforms to maximize results. Accelerate your growth with omnichannel attribution models.


Optimize your Campaigns with 1 Click

Perform multiple optimizations in seconds. Eliminate fraud in Display, pause low-performing ads, find and add keywords, all with just 1 click!


Create mass ads with product feeds or spreadsheets

Automate the creation and management of your Concessionaire, Marketplace, Franchisor, Real Estate or E-commerce campaigns on Google Ads and Meta Ads. Create custom rules based on location, time, weather, and data from your product feed or spreadsheet.


Optimize your Campaigns for Qualified Leads

By assigning a score, automatically separate qualified leads from unqualified ones, optimizing your paid media campaigns for leads with a higher chance of becoming a customer.


Save on Products with Low Stock

Prevent your ads from showing products with limited size options, saving thousands of reais and automatically prioritizing products with more options.


Request the Development of a Customized Dashboard

Pareto’s dashboards are highly customizable and meet the needs of the largest companies. Contact us to request a free demonstration.


Paid Media Management with A.I.

Our team is your paid media right-hand man. Have experts to implement Tess Platform automations, develop a paid media investment plan and to create, analyze, optimize and evolve your campaigns.

Timeback and Maximization​

“In more than 3 years of partnership, we have managed to optimize professionals' time when managing campaigns, achieving better results and with more time for strategic planning. Our first client, in the fashion segment, which we served with the help of Pareto, had an increase of more than 300% in conversions in the first few months of optimizations.”

Rodrigo Camara
Director and Partner at Goobec Brasil


People and companies in 107 countries have already boosted their productivity with Tess AI, Pareto's AI.

Save 1 day per week

Automate repetitive tasks through Pareto's automations. Increase your performance and gain time for strategic and creative actions.

Increase your results.
Cut costs.

Increase the efficiency of your campaigns by investing where it really brings returns. Connect your CRM and e-commerce with paid media and prioritize campaigns with the most qualified leads and the most profitable products.

Special Solution for Agencies: Productivity & Performance

Scale your agency through multichannel dashboards and automation of repetitive tasks. Deliver more value by managing campaigns for multiple clients with Pareto's Artificial Intelligence.


Nearly 1,000,000  Users in 140 countries

Have already boosted their productivity with Tess AI, Pareto's AI.

Discover the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Join more than 350,000 people and companies who have already boosted their productivity with Pareto Artificial Intelligence.