Nominated for Google Awards 2019, NY
Scale your Image and Video Production with Pareto Play

Have you ever imagined customizing videos and banners with each customer's name in your Google, Instagram, and Facebook campaigns? With Pareto Play you can do everything like that in bulk. Your campaigns will never be the same.

Turn Your Ad Into a Personalized Message

Increase Accuracy: Imagine being able to customize an image to bring the product your customer wants, with your name and any other data! You are just a click away from producing thousands of custom banners - just send us a template!

Quickly turn images into videos

Customize creatives for stores/franchises

Videos in bulk for product's catalogs

Customize assets for different Ad Sets

You Don't Need Another Designer in Your Team

We are one of the first platforms in Brazil for creative productions. We help hundreds of teams increase their productivity and reduce their creation costs. We work with Facebook, Instagram, Stories, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, TV, Film, and Programmatic Advertising.

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Simple Setup

Simple, fast and safe process. Only available to Pareto Management Service customers.

Transform television movies into digital creatives

Customized pricing information on videos in bulk

Translate creatives to multiple languages in bulk

Try on A/B tests to find the best creative