Nominated for Google Awards 2019, NY

Create Campaigns and Ads in Bulk with Pareto Adbot

Specially designed for e-commerce businesses with an extensive range of products that require a bulk management process for ads and keywords

Create Ads from your Products

Increase Productivity: Pareto AdBot will automatically create multiple campaigns, ads, and keywords for each product in a high performance Single Term Ad Group (STAG) structure.

Pause Ads from your Products out of Stock

Avoid Waste: It’s common, in virtual stores, for a portion of products to be out of stock. In this case, many companies end up losing money, running campaigns leading to sold out products. With Pareto AdBot, we immediately pause the ads of products out of stock!

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Plug-and-Play Scale on Google Ads

Quick Setup: With a simplified setup, your Google Ads account can automatically create or modify ads for your whole product database (XML) in a few hours.