Study of the Impact

of COVID-19 on the Brazilian Digital Economy

Pareto is launching the “Do More. Ask Less” movement, inviting companies from all over Brazil to join in this idea of not asking for registration in exchange of materials in this moment of crisis. Because of this, this page will not ask for any information from you, providing almost 80 pages of content for free.

Updated: 05/05/2020
Next Updated: 19/05/2020

Time Window

We evaluated 7 weeks in the study, before and during the lockdown.


We analyzed over 200 million BRL reais in paid media investment


6 macro segments and 34 sub-segments analyzed


We evaluated investment, trend, advertising cost, sales, and conversion rate in the study

Live Study Concept

Biweekly Update h2>

All study statistics will be updated biweekly, for the next 3 months (April, May and June). The idea is to monitor the evolution of companies, their strategies and reactions to the crisis scenario. New supporters will be accepted each week for the next 3 months.

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Estamos convidando empresas de todo Brasil para apoiar este estudo. Toda receita arrecadada será convertida em divulgação digital do estudo. Sua marca será associada também nos anúncios, como apoiador oficial. Que tal apoiar o empreendedorismo nacional?

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