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Module 2. Build

Increase Your Team's Efficiency With Automations

AI-powered automation builder to automate low-code, high-scale processes.


Learn more about the Tess Platform Data Automation Module

You can automate a process with only one click by choosing a robot from our Automation Store or create a robot from scratch with our low-code SQL platform.

Automation Store

50+ automations ready to use with 1 click (no code).

"If Predict This, Then That."

Pareto uses Artificial Intelligence for predictive triggers - much more than an "If This, Then That".

Custom Robots

Create autonomous and assisted robots in a low-code way with fast payback.

Maximize Results

Omnichannel Budget Manager

Group campaigns by region, category or funnel stage and select your budget. It will be optimized daily across all campaigns and platforms to maximize results. Accelerate your growth with omnichannel attribution models.

Optimize in seconds

Optimize your Campaigns with 1 Click

Make multiple optimizations in seconds. Eliminate Display Network fraud, pause underperforming ads, find and add keywords, all with just 1 click!

Paid Media Integration + CRM

Optimize your Campaigns for Qualified Leads

Assign a score and automatically separate qualified from unqualified leads, optimizing your paid media campaigns for leads most likely to become customers.

Boost your E-commerce

Save Resources on Low-Stock Products

Prevent your ads from showing products with few size options, saving thousands of reais and automatically prioritizing products with the most options.

Scale your Campaigns

Create Bulk Ads with Product Feed or Spreadsheets

Automate the creation and management of your Dealership, Marketplace, Franchisor, Real Estate or E-commerce campaigns in Google Ads and Meta Ads.

Create custom rules based on location, time, weather, and data from your product feed or spreadsheet.

Automation and Growth

“Due to technical challenges, we relied on manual and repetitive tasks that constrained our Marketing growth. Pareto unlocked everything. Pareto has a very specialized team and differentiated service, in addition to the various robots that have automated numerous processes that were previously completely manual.”

Fausto Reichert
Co-founder and CRO at CRM PipeRun


People and companies in 107
countries have already boosted
their productivity with Tess AI,
Pareto AI.

See more Success Stories [PT]

Discover Some Custom Automations

Consulting for Custom Automations

Count on Pareto's Business Intelligence team to plan, create and implement custom automations for your business, boosting your sales, marketing, operations, technology and finance departments.

Automate Processes and Gain Scale

Pareto believes that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has the potential to rehumanize people and robotize processes in a scalable way, increasing productivity and introducing the concept of #TimeBack to the global market.

Enterprise Solutions with Low-code Automations

Join other market leaders, such as Itaú, Saint-Gobain, Grupo Pão de Açúcar, Multiplan and Ânima Educação, who are automating complex processes with Pareto.


Have already boosted their productivity with Tess AI, Pareto's AI.

“The automation of campaign processes and the creation of proprietary tools developed by Pareto is a very important differentiator, reducing costs throughout the chain.”

Leandro VarelaCo-Founder and CMO of Casatema

“Due to technical challenges, we relied on manual and repetitive tasks that constrained our Marketing growth. Pareto unlocked everything.”

Fausto ReichertCo-founder and CRO at CRM PipeRun

“Pareto's work together with Fortes' in-house team has generated a 40% increase in lead generation and sales target achievement for 20 consecutive months.”

Manuella LopesHead of Marketing and Accounting at Fortes Tecnologia

“We use Contribution Margin RPA to optimize campaigns more assertively, as well as Adjustment RPAs budget, domain and keyword denials that help keep accounts healthy and scale results efficiently.”

Felipe LimaE-commerce Coordinator at Basico&CO

“Selling bikes from a distance is not easy, but Pareto helped us attract the most qualified leads to turn into sales with the right automations and targeting.”

Pietra BayardinoMarketing Specialist at Lev

"Pareto itself identifies which platform brings the best result and transfers the budget automatically and constantly. A task that, if done manually, would take a lot of time for the team."

Vinícius CastroMarketing Coordinator at Pulses

“The combination of human intelligence and Pareto automations helps us quickly find solutions that correct unforeseen changes.”

Marcelo MeloMarketing Director at IE Intercâmbio

“In more than 3 years of partnership, we have managed to optimize the time of professionals in managing campaigns, achieving better results and giving them more time for strategic planning.”

Rodrigo CamaraDirector and Partner of Goobec Brasil

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Join more than 150,000 people and companies who have already boosted their productivity with Pareto Artificial Intelligence.

Pareto is the #1 Artificial Intelligence company in Latin America. Its AI, Tess AI, powers the productivity of +150,000 people and companies in 107 countries.


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© 2023 Pareto, inc.

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Avenida Almirante Barroso, 90, Andar 10 - RJ, Brazil